MILTON! ...steht für ein Lebensgefühl: sich etwas Gutes tun, lustvoll genießen, Freude am Leben haben.
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The Milton! …

… stands for a life style: do something good for yourself, enjoy in a lustful way, have fun with your life!

… offers the gastronomic and cultural conditiones for a small break and enjoyment.

… combines excellent quality with healthy nutrition made of freshley harvested and natural ingredients.

… means environmental responsibility, regional, seasonal, mostly organic and fair.


The Milton!…

… is a restaurant, that pleases with healthy and creative food and drinks, all vegetarian, mostly vegan.

As far as possible all products are exclusively bought by selected regional partners.
For international products we prefer fair traded goods.

The organic, vegetarian and vegan cuisine not only stands for health, but also for respect and appreciation of nature.

The Milton!…

… offers fulltime creative and diversified dishes, always coffee and cake, also quality wine and drinks in comfortable and relaxing atmospere.

What else?

If you are in a hurry, all our dishes and cakes qualify for takeout. Simply preorder by phone or directly in our restaurant.

“Party with Milton!

All dishes, cakes, etc. are available for your party, you can also celebrate in our restaurant.
Also do we offer addtional dishes, spreads and specialties with our catering service.